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WebMagic's Global Earthquake Response Center™ offers news, information, preparedness supplies and a comprehensive guide to online resources about earthquakes.


Our secure online catalog features a comprehensive line of durable, high-quality products designed to fortify your home and office in preparation for an earthquake.

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Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Supplies

Seismic Testing


Earthquakes occur all over the world every day, so we've created a page where you can track the most recent seismic activity.

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Are you ready for the Big One? Our checklist can help you gather the supplies you'll need to survive a major quake.

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    Could a powerful enough earthquake cause California to break off and fall into the ocean?

The answer


Looking for easy-to-understand information about earthquakes and seismology? We can help!

We've created a guide to some of the best material available for students and teachers to help understand why quakes occur and what's being done to make our world safer.



Hector Mine (California) Earthquake, M7.1, Oct. 16, 1999:

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National Earthquake Information Center

Southern California Earthquake Center

U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Information

Public Seismic Network

U.S. National Seismograph Network

Are You Ready for an Earthquake?

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Earthquake And Survival Kits

1. Advanced Surgical Suture Kit BUG OUT BAG SURVIVAL Trauma Medical First Aid

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2. Skin Stapler Kit (& Remover) Wound Closure Kit (Premium) Surgical, Sterile 35W

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3. Fire Piston Kit- Firestarter Kit with Char Cloth, Cord, and Tinder

Auction ends in: 4 days, 5 hours

4. Camping Survival Kit 40 in 1 Outdoor Military Tactical Backpack Emergency Gear

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5. Skin Stapler Wound Closure Kit (Basic Kit). Surgical, Sterile 35W

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